IT Assessments

Network Assessment, Security Assessment, and Cloud Assessment.


Enjoy a comprehensive IT consultation.

As a business owner, your success is deeply rooted in how well you leverage your technology; and as such, you also understand that the slightest hiccup in your IT infrastructure can derail your entire business.

When it comes to IT, the details are the most important. This is why Equal Core Networks provides IT consultations for businesses like yours.

What You Get: Collective expertise from our talented, professional IT staff.

When you sign on for Equal Core Networks’ IT consultation, you’ll receive:

  • A detailed report concerning the current state of your network security practices.
  • An assessment of your business’s current workstation status (operating systems, patches, etc).
  • Basic troubleshooting for common hardware failure symptoms.
  • And much more!

Start doing IT the proactive way with Equal Core Networks. For more information about our IT consultation, fill out the form below; or, for a more personal touch, reach out to us at 909-543-0910.

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