Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data security and availability come what may

Disasters like power outage, hardware failure, theft, and human error can happen at any time; worse, they can devastate your business. While you can replace damaged or stolen hardware, recovering lost data is an expensive task if recoverable at all. So why leave your door open to disasters in the first place?

Equal Core Networks’ Backup and Disaster Recovery solution backs up your data to our secure cloud infrastructure where they are monitored on a daily basis. Should disaster strike, we have you covered with full server backups that restore your entire server in just a matter of minutes.

We offer a simplified and continuous Backup and Disaster Recovery solution to make sure you remain operational even immediately following a disaster.

Benefits of our Backup and Disaster Recovery
solution include:

  • Data safety with robust backup technology
  • Advanced privacy and encryption capabilities
  • Unified data management and integrated application availability
  • Lowered IT expenses by eliminating the need for a secondary infrastructure

Disaster Recovery is one of 2017’s essential
IT plans

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